Say Wow to Wahweap Overlook

Do you usually get a preview of what you’re about to see from the car? I was utterly mesmerised by the beautiful reflections of Wahweap Overlook as we were cruising along Hwy 89. My fruitless attempts to capture those reflections from a moving car had totally silenced my “Are we there yets”. Miles difference from Downtown Vegas! Though, it is fair to note that the previous 4 hours and 11 min driving from Vegas had been a most rewarding experience of a lifetime. Turn by turn, a wide open country calling our names as we cruise from Nevada and criss-crossing along the borders of Utah and Arizona. An Arizona driving holiday gets my thumbs up! Be there or be square 😉

What’s not to like about this beautiful gem? Wash off the dusts of the daily grind, relax and unwind …  Prized by photographers and wanderlusters in the know, the Wahweap Overlook scenic point is located just off Hwy 89, just over the Arizona border and only 12 min’s drive from downtown Page. Leave your car at the gravel parking lot and start exclaiming WOW the moment you step out of the car as you feast your eyes on the scenery that greets your heart.

A beautiful day at Wahweap Overlook

From the top of the Wahweap Overlook, you will see a few white-colored boats exploring the gorgeous deep blue tones of the Wahweap Bay and some resting at its marina, breathtaking Navajo mountain to the northeast and its coal-fire powerplant by the Antelope Canyon to the east and the surrounding waters of Lake Powell. Do you know that the mighty Colorado river and its tributaries flow into a reservoir called Lake Powell? How about exploring the waterways of Lake Powell? On a fine day, you can even have a romantic picnic for two entertained by the scenic reflections of the towering cliffs. For fans of camping, you would be pleased to know that there is a Wahweap RV and Campground nearby. I bet its sunrises and sunsets are out of this world too.

Roaring reflections of a breathtaking adventure

Early December seems a decent time to visit. Hampton Inn and Suites Page – Lake Powell is an excellent hotel to stay over for the night. You can never go wrong with a Hampton Inn and I’m not paid to say it too. Have you been to Wahweap Overlook before? What’s your fav memory? So, where did we go next? Time is of essence and we were trying to get some sight-seeing in, prior to sundown. Let’s go chasing sunsets, shall we? Do follow our next adventures as we introduce you to beautiful Arizona. Do you know that Arizona became a territory on Feb 24, 1863? 49 years later, Arizona became a state on Feb 14, 1912. Happy belated 106th birthday to the super cheerful Grand Canyon State, where the sun shines even in the midst of winter! You’ve definitely captured our hearts! And you’ll soon understand why … Till we meet again, take care dear wanderlusters. Keep exploring for life is indeed beautiful 😉